Tonitrophobia is basically defined as the fear of thunder. This is actually a phobic condition in which there is great, irrational fear of thunder and associated lightning even though there is just a little or no real threat at all.

Typically, the victims of tonitrophobia or the fear of thunder are the children. Maybe because in a way children are more sensitive to horrifying or alarming sound like that of a thunder.

At present, tonitrophobia is one the most common phobias crippling and degrading a lot of people, particularly young ones.

Symptoms of Tonitrophobia

Usually, symptoms of a specific phobia like tonitrophobia include nausea, breathlessness, shaking, heart palpitations, dizziness, excessive sweating, speech and thinking problems, feeling sick, and fear of dying.

But naturally, there are some individuals who experience tonitrophobia a little bit more different and serious and so as a result actually suffer from some added symptoms just like full blown anxiety or panic attack, sense of detachment from reality, and immediate loss of control or temperament.

Possible Causes of Tonitrophobia

Exact or precise cause of a phobia like tonitrophobia is not yet ascertained actually, even up to the present. But according to some studies, the cause of tonitrophobia can be linked to some brain functions that may have become irregular or some brain chemicals that may have become imbalanced. Similarly, it can also be linked to some traumatic or tragic events or experiences that have happened previously.

Treatments for Tonitrophobia

Possible treatments that sufferers of tonitrophobia could actually try would normally include therapies and medications.

Typically, therapies are medication-free, but because they do not suppress or alleviate symptoms, they are then used along with some potent drugs. However, though could really be effective if used with drugs, the patient still have to be careful as the side effects or withdrawal effects entailed can really be severe and serious, at times even fatal.

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