Snakephobia indeed refers to the irrational, persistent fear of snakes. In some cases, it is also called as Ophidiophobia.

Typically, the person with snakephobia manifests and experiences his or her irrational, persistent fear in various ways and duration. At times, the fear is there at all times, but there are also some instances where in the fear arises just as a response to a threat or a direct stimuli.

As of the moment, snakephobia remains as one of the most common phobia causing countless people so much distress. If it gets worser, it can cause panic attacks and keep people apart from loved ones and business associates, just like most phobias can do.

Symptoms of Snakephobia

Normally, symptoms of snakephobia include shaking, heart palpitations, dizziness, excessive sweating, nausea, breathlessness, feeling sick, fear of dying, and speech and thinking problems.

However, some individuals may experience snakephobia in their own way and so may actually suffer from some additional symptoms such as immediate loss of control or temperament, full blown anxiety or panic attack, and sense of detachment from reality.

Possible Causes of Snakephobia

True cause of snakephobia and even all kinds of phobias is normally associated with the unconscious mind that might have been affected by a particular tragic event or incident that have happened in the past.

However, at times, development and eventually occurrence of snakephobia and some other similar phobias are linked to some television shows, movies, or some other media vehicles where in presence of snakes and the harm they can bring are very visible.

Treatments for Snakephobia

Normally, treatments for snakephobia would include therapies and potent drugs. Therapies typically use slides and video films of snakes to eventually help the sufferer overcome his or her fears.

However, if therapies won’t work alone, intake of potent drugs will be prescribed and encouraged to eventually make things a bit easier. But just be careful as even though drugs could really help, they have some side effects and withdrawal symptoms that can be really severe and harmful.

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