All of the terms Hemophobia, Hemaphobia and Hemaphobia actually refer to one thing – the irrational, persistent fear of blood.

At times, these are considerably linked to and associated with blood-injury injection phobia because of some common symptoms and causes.

As of now, Hemophobia, Hemaphobia or Hemaphobia is one of the leading, most degrading phobia affecting millions of people of all races, kinds or ages all around the world.

Symptoms of Hemophobia, Hemaphobia or Hemaphobia

Normally, a person suffering from an irrational, persistent fear of blood experiences symptoms that include dizziness, breathlessness, nausea, dry mouth, feeling sick, shaking, excessive sweating, heart palpitations, fear of dying, and feelings of detachment from reality or a full blown anxiety or panic attack.

Sometimes, if the fear is already severe, incidence of fainting may also be experienced by sufferer upon exposure to the threat. Generally, fainting is said to be the response to the feared stimuli and is oftentimes also referred to as the “emotional fainting”.

In some rare cases, incidence of hypotension (a lowering of blood pressure), bradycardia (a fall in heartbeat rate), and cerebral ischaemia and hypoxia (a lessening of the blood supply to the brain and consequently lack of oxygen) may also take place if the condition turns worst.

Possible Causes of Hemophobia, Hemaphobia or Hemaphobia

Exact cause of phobias like Hemophobia, Hemaphobia or Hemaphobia is not yet ascertained. But according to some studies and researches, an irrational fear of blood or the like may have evolved from some brain function irregularities and distorted thoughts. At times, some traumatic events from the past may have also caused it and have heightened things up.

Treatments for Hemaphobia, Hemaphobia or Hematophobia

Typically, treatments for phobias associated with blood or the like would include therapies that use slides and video films and sometimes some surgical instruments. If the sufferer’s condition is severe, he or she will be encouraged to take some drugs along.

These drugs, though have some side effects and withdrawal symptoms, could really help. However, of course, extra precaution is still needed and advised at all means and at all costs.

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9 Comments to Hemophobia/Hemaphobia/Hematophobia

  1. Shahnawaz Khan

    oh man i don’t know how i got this phobia all of a sudden, i was ok with needles and stuff but as time passed by it got worse. i’m aged 20 now, even fainted a couple of years ago during a blood test. please help me i can’t stand blood anymore!!!!!!

  2. Kjimenez

    I’ve never been able to stand blood.

    The last time I got a blood test (which was a few days ago) I fainted in front of a lot of people, I didn’t feel dizziness of nausea, when I realized a nurse was waking me up… good thing I was sitting.

    A possible solution will be appreciated.

  3. Stacey

    i hate it!!

    everytime im around blood i faint and have hurt myself several times from it. pass out about every second week generally.

    it gets that bad that i seizure, even when my friend got her nose pierced i did and only a little bit of blood came out. i know im not the only one but being a teenage girl my parents just think its a phase even though i have seizures.

  4. Hanna Johnson

    I have never really been afraid of blood and actually I am only on this site to get research for my health project.
    I wanted to do fear of clouds because i thought it was funny but would be interesting to learn about.

    My teacher made me do a more common and less interesting disease but this site was cool and i got a lot of info. Hope to get B or an A!! i think my mom might have this fear.

  5. Mickey

    I hate seeing blood. And people at school tease me about it, they play pranks on me with fake blood or a fake bandage with a nail through it so it looks like they hammered a nail through their finger.

    I faint every time I see an enormous amount of blood, even if it’s just a drop from my body I start to feel really dizzy. When I go to get my vaccination at the doctors I faint before the needle even gets to me.

    I love horror movies but find it hard to watch without feeling queasy or dizzy. :(

    But, thanks for telling me about my fear, helping me understand what’s wrong with me, and blood. Hope that we can all overcome our fears one day, my best friend has arachnophobia and she screams like crazy when she sees the tiniest spider, imagine what she’d do if she met a tarantula………

  6. Mickey

    I absolutely hate blood even though my body is full of it!

  7. Mickey

    I think it runs in the family my dad has it too.
    It’s more likely that other family members have it as we’ll and that’s why we’ve got it, but is it a common phobia?

  8. I`ve never liked the sight of blood, but I can watch horror movies ok. What I really hate is when people are hurt in real life, I mean I can`t understand these people who`ll stand & stare at car crashes as if they`ve been hypnotised.

    Do these sickos get a thrill out of seeing people suffering? There is one thing I do hate in movies, & that`s when someone gets shot in the chest & coughs blood. If I`ve seen the movie before & I know what`s coming, I go & make tea or go to the bathroom at the crucial moment.

  9. Arianna Rea

    For as long as I remember I’ve always hated blood ! I can’t see blood without either fainting or vomiting ! It’s so horrible especially when I have to get a blood test.

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