Glossophobia refers to the fear of public speaking.

For some reasons, it is actually closely related to social phobia and stage fright.

At present, glossophobia is one of the most common phobias affecting almost 75% of people of all kinds and ages.

It is also one of the most crippling and degrading phobias that can actually lead to full blown panic attacks or the like if not “cured” as soon as possible.

Symptoms of Glossophobia

Basically, the symptoms of glossophobia generally include high levels of unexplainable anxiety at the thought of communicating to a big group of people.

Specifically, when the threat for speaking in public arises, the person with glossophobia experiences increased blood pressure and heart beats, dry mouth, increased sweating tendency, and stiffening of the neck and upper back muscles.

If the fear gets worser, the person with glossophobia may experience some other symptoms such as trembling and even panic attacks.

Possible Causes of Glossophobia

Normally, development of a phobia like glossophobia is attributed to a traumatic event in early life, which may or may not be associated to public speaking. Similarly, it may also have evolved because of some self esteem and confidence issues whereby the sufferer has not earned enough self esteem and confidence to show up ability and potentials.

At times, development and occurrence of glossophobia is also linked to some brain irregularities together with the expectation or anticipation of failure, or past experience of being overly criticised.

Treatments for Glossophobia

Treatments for glossophobia include hypnotherapy or hypnoanalysis, self help NLP technique and anxiety medications.

Hypnotherapy or hypnoanalysis can be an effective treatment for a phobia like glossophobia. But on the flip side, this treatment comes with several limitations and solely lies on how great and effective the therapist is.

Self help NLP technique on the other hand, is actually the fastest way to treat symptoms of glossophobia. However, you basically have to change your mental construct on your own without any help from others.

Finally, anxiety medications can also help, the only problem is, you have to be watchful of them for they do have some side effects and withdrawal effects when stopped abruptly.

They are also typically accompanied by natural therapy for they can’t actually cure the disorder itself.

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