Cynophobia is defined as an irrational, sometimes absurd fear of dogs. Typically, the person suffering from cynophobia experiences fear with anxiety even though there is no threat at all.

As of now, cynophobia is considered as one of the most common, crippling and degrading phobias that have taken place.

It may actually cause an individual to live an unusual life, being kept away from doing things like traveling (except when in an enclosed vehicle), roaming in the park where dogs are welcome, or even just simply wandering around the backyard to get some fresh air.

Symptoms of Cynophobia

Individuals with phobias like cynophobia typically experience symptoms such as breathlessness, nausea, fear of dying, dizziness, excessive sweating, dry mouth, feeling sick, heart palpitations, and inability to speak or think clearly.

Some other symptoms such as becoming mad or losing control, sense of detachment from reality or a full blown anxiety attack and shaking may also take place if the disorder becomes more serious.

Possible Causes of Cynophobia

Normally, the cause for phobias like Cynophobia is a traumatic or tragic experience associated with some brain irregularities and brain chemical deficiencies. More often than not, traumatic or tragic experience involved the feared object.

In the case of Cynophobia, it may be something where in presence of a dog is there, particularly when there is chasing and all. However, these are just plain assumptions. As of now, exact cause of phobias such as cynophobia is not yet determined at all means.

Treatments for Cynophobia

There are actually a good number of ways on how to eliminate cynophobia for good. First, you can try cognitive behavior therapy. This would actually allow you to change the way you think about dogs and as a result changes the way you behave as well when you see a dog around.

Second, you can try hypnosis. Eventually, this can install new beliefs about dogs on your mind and replace irrational beliefs and thoughts at the same time. Third, you can try neuro-linguistic programming. This will actually help you erase some false mental images associated with dogs on your thoughts.

And the last but definitely not the least, you can try self help. Without the help of other people, discover the root of the problem and eventually conquer all your fears. Among all of the treatments aforementioned, this is actually the best treatment that will let you overcome cynophobia for life.

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