Belonephobia is actually the extreme, irrational, and persistent fear of needles, pins and some other sharp objects.

Normally, the person with belonephobia live an unusual life. In fact, most of the time, the sufferer fears of getting medications through injections, vaccinations, or even blood testing or examination.

The sufferer also experiences tough time going to the dentist because of what the dentist might do that involves needles.

At present, belonephobia is considered as one of the most common phobias affecting up to 10 per cent of people of all ages.

Symptoms of Belonephobia

The person with belonephobia normally goes through some unlikely, awkward feelings like breathlessness, dizziness, excessive sweating, nausea, dry mouth, feeling sick, shaking, and heart palpitations.

Some other symptoms like becoming mad or losing control immediately, fear of dying, and feelings of detachment from reality or a full blown anxiety attack can also be felt if the condition turns more serious.

Possible Cause of Belonephobia

Exact and precise cause of belonephobia is still unknown to many researchers. However, based on some studies and investigations, the cause of belonephobia might be because of an inherited reflex of shock, which is actually triggered by needle puncture.

Normally, people who inherit this reflex oftentimes learn to fear needles through consecutive needle encounters.

Treatments for Belonephobia

Treatments for belonephobia can actually be drugs and therapies. Well, there is a wide range of potent drugs out there. However, though powerful, these drugs only cure the symptoms and not the disorder itself.

They also have many side effects and withdrawal symptoms that one should always consider. In terms of therapies, there are also a lot of them available online and offshore. At present, the most popular is the Self Help therapy.

This will normally challenge you to face your fears and eventually handle them effectively on your own without any help at all. So far, a therapy like Self Help therapy is far better than taking potent drugs because it does normally treat the disorder itself and not only the symptoms.

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