Bathophobia refers to the intense, persistent, irrational and unwarranted fear of heights or being close to high buildings.

Normally, the fear and anxiety that the sufferer experience increase as he comes nearer some high objects, such as a skyscraper or mountain.

At present, batophobia is one of the most common kind of phobia afflicting thousands of people of all ages, young and old.

Symptoms of Batophobia

When coming close to some high buildings or structures, the person with batophobia experiences heavy breathing, shortness of breath, anxiety, dizziness, excessive sweating, nausea, dry mouth, feeling sick, shaking, heart palpitations, and inability to speak or think clearly.

When the condition of the sufferer becomes severe, he might experience some other symptoms like fear of dying, becoming mad or losing control, and feeling of detachment from reality or a full blown anxiety attack.

Possible Causes of Batophobia

The exact cause of the development and occurrence of batophobia is still actually unknown. However, for some reasons, it is said that the cause of batophobia can be attributed to some malfunctions on the brain and at the same time to some incidences in life that are tragic and traumatic and have something to do with heights or high buildings.

Treatments for Batophobia

Batophobia and all kinds of phobias may cause any individual so much distress and trouble. Even you, if in case you’ll be afflicted by such would surely say no it and would eventually do everything just to get out of its burden.

Well, if in case in the future you experience symptoms of batophobia, or even now if you are experiencing all of its symptoms, don’t worry much. There are some treatments for phobias like batophobia you could try.

Eventually, you can try pharmacological medication and therapies. At present, there is a wide range of drugs you can try, however, most of the drugs have side effects and withdrawal effects so you’ll be needing extra caution.

In terms of therapies, you can try energy therapy and some other similar therapies. However, the effects of such can’t be seen instantly. It will take you days or sometimes weeks and months before you can actually see the results or effects.

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2 Comments to Batophobia

  1. jennifer

    hi im jennifer.
    I am a Batophobia, its a scary thing. i also have fears that go along with being afraid of buildings. im scared of being around too many people, driving, even sitting at stop lights.All thee fears happen at the same time.. can anyone tell me if there is another name for me other then batophobia?

  2. Stephanie

    Well, I have agoraphobia, which is a fear of wide open spaces and being surrounded by too many people. It’s more or less a fear of not being able to hide or escape.

    So you might have something similar to what I do, or just a combination of fears.

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