Atychiphobia is actually a unique type of phobia. It is a phobia relating to the persistent, abnormal, irrational, and unwarranted fear of failure.

Basically, this phobia is often one of the most paralyzing phobias. Together with some other similar phobias, it is actually capable of degrading and ruining your life.

Similarly, it can keep you from enjoying some aspects of life and the nice things or stuff that come along with it like career, family, success, or the like.

Symptoms of Atychiphobia

A person with atychiphobia is said to subconsciously undermine his own efforts for a particular drive and so normally don’t continue to try or pursue things up.

Specifically, a person suffering from atychiphobia may experience the normal phobia symptoms that include irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, rapid breathing, sweating, nausea, overall feelings of dread, and nervousness.

Possible Causes of Atychiphobia

It’s been said that the development and eventually occurrence of phobias like atychiphobia are both attributed to some irregularities in the brain chemicals as well as functions.

But it’s also been affirmed that presence of phobias like atychiphobia is also sometimes because of some early life causes such as demeaning or degrading parents or siblings, or traumatic events where there is failure and at the same time embarrassment. These early life causes are said to stay in the unconscious mind until a certain triggering point, event, etc. takes place.

Treatments for Atychiphobia

Possible treatments for atychiphobia include motivational techniques and self help. Well, motivational techniques can help correct the way you think and perceive things.

However, it would be better if you yourself could actually correct your own way of thinking through self help. Considerably, face the things you fear while gradually accepting the idea that failure is inevitable in this life and somehow it is necessary for you to eventually succeed.

Right now, whatever treatment you would prefer, motivational techniques or self help, will indeed do. Just be as determined, patient and cooperative as possible and you’d surely get rid of that fear for failure for good.

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3 Comments to Atychiphobia

  1. This website is very useful but do you have any advice for helping a friend with atychiphobia?

  2. Any advice on helpin a friend with atychiphobia? Sorry if this posts twice

  3. Mariano

    Hi Estelle, you may not read this forum, but I was just learning in psychology that we cognitively learn things through a series of conditioning.

    The conditioning is of course, psychological. When you have an object that is meaningless at first, such as a ball, you feel nothing towards it.

    However, once the ball is bounced or thrown at you, you react and feel pain, embarrassment, or anger. Once this ‘conditioning’ occurs enough times, sometimes once is enough, you have related the ball to this emotion.

    The same goes for looking at a clock and seeing the time to eat, once that time is nearing or actualizes, you are responding physiologically to that stimuli.

    This conditioning can be attributed to the development of fear as well. I have atychiphobia because I know there is a potential for loss financially and consanguinitally.

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