Achluophobia is actually a term referring to the fear of darkness or night time. For some people, the idea of trembling because it’s totally dark around is indeed ridiculous but for some people, darkness matters and really horrifying.

Well, achluophobia though seems to be just a simple phobia, is actually very capable of degrading and ruining one’s life. Similarly, it may cause distress to many individuals of all ages, young and old.

Normally, victims of phobias like achluophobia often anticipate a harmful situation at night and actually live an unusual, tough life while eventually losing a lot of stuff like job or career, family, social and night life and sometimes even just the simplest stuff like the wonderful feeling involved while watching the beauty outside during the night.

Symptoms of Achluophobia

Normally, Achluophobia or the fear of darkness or night time is characterized by symptoms like irregular heartbeat, rapid breathing, nausea, shortness of breath, overall feelings of dread, and sweating.

There are still some other noted symptoms, but their occurrence depends greatly on the experiences related with the fear of darkness.

Possible Causes of Achluophobia

Based on some studies, occurrence of Achluophobia is mainly attributed to the unconscious mind that basically works as a protective mechanism and actually at the same time related to a particular past incident in connection with darkness or night time.

There are also some findings specifying events in television or movies as also possible causes of Achluophobia.

Treatments for Achluophobia

There are indeed various ways to treat symptoms of achluophobia and at the same achluophobia itself.

Well, there is a wide range of potent drugs you can give a try for possible relief. But of course, before anything else, you actually have to consider the side effects and withdrawal symptoms first. Similarly, potent drugs cannot cure achluophobia itself, instead only the symptoms.

If in case you want a medicine-free kind of treatment, a number of therapies are also made available. One of which you can try is the Self-help NLP that make use of some Neuro Linguistic programming techniques. As of now, this is already considered as a treatment worth of your trust as this has already helped thousands of patients in many countries around the world.

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3 Comments to Achluophobia

  1. I have to do a presentation on a phobia for health class, and this really helped. It had everything I needed to know to the T. Why T? I never understood that, anyway, thanks!

  2. Jesse More

    hi im 15 and i think i have achluophobia.

    I have most of the symptoms during the night but i don’t know what causes them :/

    Thank you for the list of treatments they helped a lot. :)

  3. Michelle Jones

    My mom has this. She begans to get panicky every fall because the time change is near, which means it is dark by 6pm. I dont get off work until 6 sometimes, and everytime I call her she alwyas rushes me home.

    I cant stop by a grocery store, and if I do I have to call her when I get there and when I leave–this goes for any other stops, like gas, or to pick up her salad. She’ll sometimes not get a salad because of this fear.

    It drives me nuts! I cant even feed my outdoor cat at night beceause she is so fearful that someone is out there watching and waiting to snatch me

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