Ablutophobia is generally defined as the fear of washing and/or bathing. Normally, people experiencing this kind of phobia poses no or little danger at all and may go through a number of symptoms such as dizziness, feeling sick, breathlessness, excessive sweating, nausea, dry mouth, shaking, heart palpitations, inability to speak or think clearly, fear of dying, becoming mad or losing control immediately, and nervousness.

Possible Cause of Ablutophobia

Possible cause of Ablutophobia is not yet known or specifically ascertained; just like in cases of most phobias. But according to some studies, development of phobias like Ablutophobia can be mainly because of some incident related to washing and/or bathing that might have happened in the past which could have an impact on mental or physical health.

However, the said incident normally do not last long in the memory of the person. At times, the person may even have forgotten about the experience, instead just remembers the great fear that comes along. Thus, giving the therapist or counselor a hard time in evaluating the situation. In fact, sometimes, the therapist will still have to use hypnosis, or some other method just to correct things up.

Treatments for Ablutophobia

There are are actually a number of therapies made available to treat symptoms of Ablutophobia and eventually Ablutophobia itself.

As of now, people with Ablutophobia may try online therapy which is available any time of the day or night. There is a therapist online whom you can depend upon and will considerably answer all of your questions about Ablutophobia.

Another therapy which is the telephone therapy is also accessible. However, health specialists suggest that is far better to consult a counselor or therapist in person as this will eventually give you the utmost care and proper diagnosis that you will actually need.

There are also some medicinal therapy made available. But it is proffered by most health specialist to have a medicine-free therapy to avoid further complications or more serious condition.

So far, any kind of treatment will do. Perhaps, it all just depend on how committed and sincere the patient is in terms of recovering and being up to conquering fears and some inhibitions.

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2 Comments to Ablutophobia

  1. silvia

    How do people bath themselves or clean If they have ablutophobia and do the get to have a family? This is a great information, but I need more

  2. Jon

    wow you must be dumb. if you habe ablutophobia then you’re not going to wash are you?

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