First, you have to be sure you really have an anxiety disorder and not any other mental or physical condition.

You can get the correct diagnose for your illness by talking to your doctor.

After that you can decide what medication suits you best and if some form of therapy would help you.

Get Treated By Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

There is a treatment called cognitive behavioral therapy that is often used to help panic attack disorder sufferers to relieve their symptoms. This therapy involves altering the way the sufferer perceives or thinks certain situations.

By changing the way you think about certain situations, those particular situations can become less intimidating and help with the tendency to inflate a situation to an unmanageable level.

This kind of anxiety disorder treatment is usually used for those who suffer from certain phobias like social anxiety disorder or social phobias.

The goal of the therapy is to expose the sufferer to the specific things that trigger their condition. Hopefully they will come to the conclusion that the consequences for these situations are not at all as bad as they first thought.

The behavioral aspect of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a must for sufferers desperately seeking anxiety help.

The therapist will help the patient change his behavior slowly, by teaching him relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and the desensitization process. Sufferers who need anxiety help due to paranoia will step-by-step be taken through several stimulated experiences, where step-by-step the fear of people will be overcome.

Anxiety Panic Attack Medication

Depression medication seems to work as anxiety medication too. Some of the various drug classes used to treat anxiety are:

Beta blockers are the best medication class to control anxiety attack symptoms and are normaly prescribed to prevent rapid heartbeat, symptoms related to trembling and shaking.

The beta blockers have fewer side effects than any other forms of medication, but they can cause insomnia and other sleep-related issues like nightmares.

In the case of anxiety panic attacks, as the beta blockers does not actually cure the anxiety panic attack, most health care professionals do not prescribe beta blockers..

The one most often prescribed to panic attack patients is from the benzodiazepine medication class. In the benzodiazepine medication class, the drug most commonly prescribed is “Alprazolam”.

The Effectiveness Of Medication And Anxiety Attack Therapy In Combination

Behavioral therapy can often be used together for treatment of panic attacks. When the patient changes the way they perceive and view certain things, the behavioral therapy is successful.

If medication is prescribed to the patient, it can take weeks to fully work.

Medications as an panic attack treatment help regulate different chemicals that the body needs. The patient can effectively battle their anxiety disorders by combining the two treatments.

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