Most of us lead lives that are filled with daily worries, hectic routines and deadlines that leave us with little or no time to rest, relax and rejuvenate the body and mind.

Anxiety is a common disorder around the world today due the fact that we keep building up stress without finding a way to release or deal with it.

Here are the most common types of anxiety and the anxiety attack symptoms that can help you recognize if you are suffering from one and consult a doctor right away.

Main Types of Anxiety Disorders and Their Symptoms

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)

Generalized Anxiety Disorder or GAD occurs mostly in adults; the common anxiety attack symptom to watch for here is the false fear that something bad may happen in the future.

This could include things such as worrying about your health to the point where you cannot work or concentrate on a job. Other symptoms include nausea, upset stomach, insomnia, change in appetite and muscle ache.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD manifests through obsessive behavior of irrelevant things. You know you are having an anxiety attack symptoms from this type of disorder when for example, you will obsess about cleaning your hands and you will do so excessively until you feel they are clean but all the while realizing that you are overdoing it.

Other common symptoms of those who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder is that they will worry obsessively about routine things such as, if you turned off the gas or if you turned off the water tap in the bathroom.

Panic & Anxiety Attacks

Panic & Anxiety Attacks can be quiet terrifying and sometimes painful when an anxiety attack symptom can be observed as the sufferer will manifest extreme fear about a situation that can last for up to 30 minutes at a time; other symptoms include muscle ache and upset stomach.

The next anxiety disorder is different types of phobias, which can be of anything from insects to height or dark places and these anxiety attack symptoms can be easily recognized as the one experiencing them will either freeze or will act absolutely irrational by screaming or reaching out at someone near by and scratching or squeezing this person.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder or SAD has symptoms such as intensive sweating, blushing, shortness of breath and pounding of heart; sometimes the sufferer may experience stammering as well.

How to Treat Anxiety Attack Symptoms

At home you may not be able to do much in order to treat an anxiety attack other then help the person successfully deal with it for the moment and see a doctor as soon as possible.

Many people don’t report anxiety disorders because they are not aware of how they manifest and sometimes that they even exist. Other people refuse to believe that they even had an anxiety attack and refuse to see a physician on that pretext.

The fact is that living with anxiety disorder can affect your health and in due course your relationships with family and friends as well as your ability to work efficiently.

Anxiety disorders can be cured and you too can live a happy and normal life like everyone else if you choose to act as soon as you recognize a symptom that is not in sync with your personality.

An anxiety disorder symptoms can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few months in which time you will not be able to lead a normal healthy life.

Most anxiety disorders start mildly when your body is over stressed and most people confuse it with a natural reaction to the stress or grief that you have just encountered. Educate yourself about your own body and help yourself live healthier and happier.

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53 Comments to Anxiety Attack Symptoms

  1. christine thompson

    for years I have had a funny turn, starts out with a dejuva feeling, then a spacey feeling, heart races while this is all happenning. After it passes i usually end up with a headache. A neurologist could not find a reason.

    Could it be an anxiety attack? The frequency increases when I’m stressed about personal issues. I still function normally, I can even be involved in conversation while the feeling occurs and the person I am conversing with has not idea of what happenned.

  2. What you experienced sounds exactly like what happened to me when I had my anxiety attack period. It’s good that you went to a professional to rule out any more dangerous problems.

    Anxiety attacks are not at all dangerous, although you might feel that you are about to die or going crazy sometimes.

  3. Blanche Emes

    I too have suffered for years not really knowing what it is.

    I have woke up and had an attack or they’ve hit me at work. I’ve experienced upset stomach, (hit to the bathroom), headaches, chills, crying spells, hard to speak and then exteme fatigue. I’ve been diagnosed with severe PMS, depression and now anxiety attacks.

    I’ve been on anti-depressants for over 16 years and in the past year upon the suggestion of my doctor went to a psychiatrist where he upped my effexor (75 mg) from 1 to 3 per day plus two ativan.

    In the recent months I’ve started experiencing the dejuva feelings (2 in the past 7 days) and that leaves me spaced out and very tired too.

    Are there any tests a person could get. I have been for a EKG test and they said there was something abnormal but they couldn’t tell what.

  4. Lisa

    I went to tthe doctors today as I’ve been experiencing similar symptons and the same ended up with a headace.

    I thought they were panick attacks cus i tend to have them in a unfamilar social settings.

    Today I had to go on a trainning session and cryed to my boss and started shaking. My fear is that people will see me shaking. I cant stop it and it tends to happen all the time now. Does this happen to anyone else?

  5. Liz V

    I’m 30 years old and have an abundant of responsabilities and financial worries. have read all the symptoms that have lead me to admit to having OCD and Im in crisis of anxiety attacks. I stress and worry about everything. my life is completely out of balance and i dont have any self control. i constantly take deep breaths and my headaches are becoming more severe day by day. I need help. can all this anxiety lead to a stroke-heart attack. what can I do besides medication to relief myself. Im loosing ontrol over my life.

  6. jolene G

    I am 30 years old and I was told I have GAD. I have many days where I find myself second guessing things I do. For example, I am driving down the road, but question if I am really in that place and time. If freaks me out a lot. I also have times where I get sick to my stomach and feel like i am doing the wrong things. For example, I am dating the right man, am i living in the right place etc… It is a horibble feeling. If anyone can relate to my feelings , could they please tell me about it, so i don’t feel so alone.

  7. Carmen

    Hi Jolene,

    Would you like to email me and we can chat. I have also suffered for a long time with these issues. It would be great to have someone to chat with that understands. Carmen

  8. Tiffany

    Hi Jolene,

    I am 31 and I have the same type of feelings. I have also been diagnosed with GAD. It is still really difficult to understand. I would love to chat.

  9. I think I diffinetly have social anxiety attacks.

    Anywhere I go, espically if I SEE SOME1 I know, I will blush and I FEEL AS IF MY HEART WILL JUMP OUT OF MY MOUTH If i cant escape my face will get redder I will stick my head into a bunch of clothes or toys or hide behind my hair, I See people looking at me and they must think im mad I used love going drives in the car, but I cant do that now I hate being in it.

    I cant walk up the middle of a shop or town or supermarket, I will stick close to something or somewhwer I can escape quickly. I do get bad headachs and pains and think Im having a heart attack, my breathing is the worse.

    I think about death all the time, I dont want to die and leave my kids.

    I do need help with this, I know my doctors are useless, they wouldnt help a person with anything. Im not the only Person in my family with this.

  10. Christina


    I also have GAD and my counselor recently talked to me about the idea of group therapy. He said talking to people who are feeling the same things will help relieve the feelings of isolation and thinking that no one can understand you. Please let me know if you would like to email me.

  11. carrie

    Im 20 years old and ive been experiencing problems breathing and having pains in the chest. Im not able to take a deep breathe as often as i should. Ive been to emergency numerous times and the last time i went they did blood work a cardiogram and took a chest x ray. The doctor said im fine and its just stress and/or panic attacks but i dont think so. what do you think?

  12. Trina

    Im only 19 years old and ive had anxiety attacks for the past 5 years of my life except i didn’t realize what was happening to me. Ive been to see like 5 different doctors and none of them have tryed to help me. I feel like im going crazy i can live like this its what can i do??

  13. Cho Cho

    I seem get hotflashes and I go through this adrenaline rush, and I sweat a lot. I get tired and my heartbeat races quickly. This usually happense when I’m scared or emberassed. I’m only 16. Is this normal?

  14. Jess

    I’m only 15 and I think I may have GAD. I tremble when Im nervous and constantly worry about anything I do. I get massive headaches when I’m shaking. I often get chest pains and it feels as if Im always sore and tired. I get very depressed at times and I haven’t been able to eat normally. Does this mean I have GAD?

  15. Alexis Johnson

    Hi, my name is Alexis and I have been suffering for some time now, and feel hopeless. I can’t handle it anymore. Sometimes I wish my life would end. I have no medical insurance, and have been trying to get it for a long time.

    I need help, my family thinks i’m crazy, i’m losing my boyfriend, and feel that i am not a stable mother for my daughter. I can’t make friends! I’m losing it, and all I want is to feel normal.

    How can I help myself without insurance, to get on some medicine!?!

    Feeling hopeless!

  16. Josh

    Hi Im Josh age 23

    recently i woke up and got a crazy adrenaline rush in which my heart would start pounding hands would go tingly thought i was gonna die….been to doctors where they performed numerous ecgs, blood work (kidneys thyroid, liver, sugars everything even chest x-ray)and everything showed up good…

    ever since ive had this mild head ache that doesnt leave..i can feel fine for up to a week when out of nowhere i will be playing a video game feel a little wierd than my heart feels like its going slow enough to stop when out of nowhere ill get this wave over my body n its pounding..hands are sweeting and cold head is confused dont know if i wanna freak out or if im gonna black the point where im in the hospital at which point the attack is mostly vanquished and all tests are normal…im booked for an scho cardiogram and am wearing a halt monitor right now to try n catch in the act…

    i wanna know if this is anxiety to put my mind to rest… pleace msg back thanks

  17. Dea

    My name is Dea I am now 32 years of age. For the last 2 years I get similar effects.

    I start of feeling sick in the belly, my head starts spinning, I get more nervous if I think I’m going through one of these episodes. Next thing my hands go numb and tingling. My heary starts pounding, I usually look for my daughter to see if she’s safe, I lock the doors because I think this will keep her safe if I pass out( or the feeling is-IF I DIE). I can be talking or doing things with my daughter but I feel like I’m there but I’m not.

    I have kept it a secret for 1 year because I learned to control it by taking deep breaths. Last episode it wasn’t that easy, I nearly ended up in hospital and thankful my cousins that were there two of the four people who know of my condition. I striped my clothes of because I thought it was restricting my breathing, my cousin told me later that night I looked pale and I was cold.

    My voice was shaking and then my whole body just shook (like someone was having a fit). I was embarrased later because my daughter had seen me like that for the first time. I have read articles and brochures but still feel I have little knowledge about this. I have been told by a close friend who suffers from anxiety attacks says I have it.

    I visited my GP two months ago for my Iron results (which were still low)and a medical certificate for the day off because I was suffering from migranes. I mention what had happened with my last episode, all she mentioned that could be one side effect of having low iron.

    Do I have enough info for you to tell me a definate yes or no.

  18. rachel

    hi im really worried as i was in my primary years i knew deep down i was shy and worried all the time around people want very popural at primary school but not badly bulled like that either when i got to seccondy i had loads of friends and was popular

    Had my first panic attack when i was about 15 thought i was going to die but took some drugs which i thought was canabis but found out it wasnt not sure of what i did take from them on i got over it after ringing a paramedic as soon as he told me my heart was fine i was ok and relax and didnt have another one for a bout a few months starting getting scared with my bed friend said something and i was questioning what she was saying to be true or not to me like thinking i was halucinating of like when i did

    when i took that drug of some people and paniced thought i was going to die when panicing and thats one of my worst fears then i was fine untill after my 18th birthday had a very scarey attack actuarlly believing i was dieing and couldnt breath and thought my heart would stop feeling chest pains in my left brest deadd arm then i would ring a amberlance loads of times also im not sleeping properly afraid when it gets dark out said thats one of my fears some times think im i really here scared because have horrible thoughts

    scared hurting some loved one or myself thinking and worried thing i might be going crazy and mad scared that i cant over become this and will not get better and that im crazy scared if i get worse please someone tell me if this is just anxiety and if you had the same ands also cant stop worry or thinking what your thinking is whats going to happen or that im are mad please tell me so im dont feel alone if you have had the same feelings and thoughts im also worried people i have some compulsive disdorer with taps !!!!!!!!!

    ***worry had to write again miss spelt due to rushing**

  19. Lisa

    My name is Lisa and I have been suffering from panic attacks and anxiety for the past 10 years or more. I feel like I am going to die sometimes.

    I always have sweaty palms, I get chest pains, have constant headaches, my neck and back are always hurting. I sleep from 10-15 hours a day, I am terrified to drive on the highway or fly in a plane.

    Sometimes I feel spaced out, I shake my legs and feet all the time. I always feel sick, nervous for no reason and I have no motivation. I have been on medication for sometime now but I still have anxiety almost every day.

    I get it worse close to menstruation. Can someone talk to me and tell me it will be alright.

  20. Maria

    I’m 38 years old. For the past 2 weeks I’ve had shortness of breath, trouble swallowing, a tingly wave sensation over my body, weak muscles, fear that I’ve got a medical condition, fear of dying, hot/cold sensations and a lot of the symptoms I’ve read on this site.

    It started when I got botox injections. I heard some people have severe reactions and side effects and now I’m convinced that I do too. I’ve been to the ER twice and my internal medicine doctor. Chest xray and bloodwork came back fine.

    These “attacks” seem to happen mostly at night when I’m going to bed. I haven’t slept in two nights and feel horrible. These attackes last hours. My doctor doesn’t seem to understand how to help me and I feel hopeless. I’m starting to believe that maybe I have a panic/anxiety disorder.

    How do I begin treatment and what kind of treatment?

    I’m going back to him and tell him what I’ve read and maybe he can refer me to someone else.

  21. Duffy

    I’m 19, turning 20 in June, and for the first time in my life I’ve had 4 anxiety attacks since December.

    Tostate for the sake of truth, I’m a pothead..and never have I experienced a, “high” quite like what I did the first time I had an anxiety attack..of course mistaking it for the batch my friends and I got, I didn’t pay much attention to the, “I’m going to die, my heart is going to burst, I want the world to shutup,” feeling.

    I remember an overwelming feeling, it all hit in my chest, like my entire body was sucked into the middle of me, and my heart would race. I started walking outside barefoot in the snow, with my heart bursting out of my chest.

    Once pinpointing with a friend what these “highs,” really were, I’ve been on edge since. My heart is a ticking time bomb, and I don’t have any idea when my next attack will be…Got a doctor’s appointment on thursday, and I pray to god I don’t have GAD. No appetite. I sleep at crazy hours during the day and my body aches all over. Shortness of breath follows whenever I feel anxious and I’m trying to stay calm and collective. Reading up on these attacks have helped me understand what I need to do to get better.

    Please, please, let me be okay. And everyone else who has ever felt this way.

    My heart&soul [or whatever is left of it] goes out to you!!

  22. Sam

    I get a crazy adrenaline rush in which my heart would start pounding, hands would go tingly, thought I was gonna die….been to doctors where they performed numerous ecgs, blood work (kidneys thyroid, liver, sugars everything even chest x-ray)and everything showed up good…

    ever since I’ve had this head ache that doesnt leave..I can feel fine for up to a week when out of nowhere I will be eating breakfast or lunch I feel a little wierd than a bad feeling comes at me feels like I am going to die. when out of nowhere I’ll get this wave over my body my heart pounding..hands are sweeting and cold head. I am confused dont know if I wanna freak out or if I’m gonna black the point where I’m in the hospital at which point the attack is mostly vanquished and all tests are normal…I’m booked for a stress test and heart imaging.

    I wanna know if this is anxiety to put my mind to rest… pleace msg back thanks


  23. amber

    ive had anxiety for about 2 years and i cant drive by myself because i had a panic attack with my baby in the car driving down the interstate. i have anxiety attack alot when im away from people that i know. i always feel weird feeling like ive been having tightness in the chest and pain shooting up my left arm and im afraid its heart attack symptoms. too scared to go get it checked. what should i do ?

  24. Jeff

    Hi my name is Jeff and i am 44, i would just like to let everyone know that i have a panic disorder and i went through my first panic attack back when i was about 18 when i smoked what i thoguht was some bad pot,it was the most terrifying experience i ever went through,my symptoms were,blacking out,heart racing,sweating,numbness,the fear of passing out and dying.well needless to say i quit smoking pot but still had the fear of going through that agsin.

    after the first attack i had lots more of the same within the following 6 months,i was in and out of emergency rooms alot during that time.i finally went to see a doctor and they ran all kinds of tests and found nothing so they started treating me for panic disorder.

    they gave me a prescription for xanax to take it only when i felt a panic attack coming on which helped out alot.i still went through my panic attacks for the next 7 to 8 years but the xanax helped me cope with them.after 8 years the panic attacks seem to go away and i quit taking xanax and went on about my life.

    after about 10 years of not going through my panic attacks i thought they were gone for good but just recently about 4 months ago i started feeling little panic attacks coming on and than i went through a very terrifying one at work one night and the next day after it had another terifying one that put me in the emergency room.

    the next day i went to my doctors and they didn’t want to put me on xanax so they tried another drug on me which i was fine with and i went and got the prescription filled and took one that day and when i went to work that night i went through another real bad experience because of the side effects of the medicine.

    now i am afraid to take any medicines in fear of going through worse panic attacks than when i am off them!I just have that fear of dying sydrome again and i guess i just got to say here i go again!is this never ending!?

  25. shell

    i have had flutters and shortness of breath for 8 months. it all started when the doctor perscribed me anti-depressants. i took myself off them, because of the side affects i was having.

    my heart raced, and got severe pulpatations. shortness of breath too. still to this day i suffer it. when ever i get a flutter i then get a twinge in my jaw. i have had many ECGs and a 24hour ECG, nothing has been detected!

    heart disease runs in my family, my father died on his third heart attack.
    so now its been put down as anxiety… i don’t know what it is but it can be very scary. im 21 and have a child.

    anyone got and sugggestions, please help..

  26. I have all the symptoms that you guys described but I’m usually working or walking when it happen and it seems as if I can barely walk as if my legs become so heavy.

    My heart is racing and i’m severly light headed. These attacks leave me weak for a few hours. But I usually will work out when I have an anxiety attack it helps greatly.

    I haven’t had severe anxiety in years but now it seems like it is creepy upon me again and its even worse when its getting close to that time of the month.

  27. Michael Sabolewski

    Need help! I’ve been to the doctor and have had many test run and there’s nothing they see wrong. My symptoms are hard to explain. I feel like I’m having a rush or a flush feeling. Whatever I’m looking at suddenly seems weird, a bit like tunnel vision. I then know its coming on. I’m very aware that its happening. I get a burning tingling feeling in my head, chest and arms. I feel very weak, if awake I need to sit down, I get very pail looking, sounds are like talking in a tunnel. Its almost like I’ve been there before and I know whats going to happen or be said. It will then be followed up with sweating and feeling very hot. I will have several in a day and at night when I’m sleeping. Wakes me up out of a sleep. Its hard to explain, It must sound weird to other people, dont know how to explain it any better. It only last a few seconds up to a minute or two then its gone that fast. I Feel tired and weak afterwards and sometimes get a headache. I’ll have these for about a week and then there gone for a few months or so and then there back, samething all over again. Anyone have these symptom and can shed alittle light on this for me. Thanks!

  28. jayne goldie

    i too suffer from severe anxiety and panic since having my first child 6 years ago i get thumping heart, aching chest muscles, headache, dizziness, dry mouth, cold and hot feelings, feeling faint, and jelly like legs also palpatations to name but a few and have suddenly started getting them more and more over the last few weeks after feeling great for last 6 months dont understand why this is happening i am also on citalapram.

  29. Mika

    I am glad to have found this forum and read experiences of people who have anxiety/panic attacks like me. I had my first panic attack at the end of 2006 during a stressful time at my job. I was driving from the Bay Area to Phoenix for Christmas with my husband and had to pull over and let him drive. My chest tightened up and my limbs were tingly like they had just awaken after falling asleep. I could not breathe well and asked my husband to pull off the freeway and take me to an urgent care place asap. It was a horrible experience where I thought I was going to die.

    I got over that episode and did not experience any more attacks until March of this year. Now I get anxiety attacks all the time, have the textbook symptoms of panic attacks and am slowly learning to cope with them. My symptoms are strong palpitations, headaches, feeling of exploding out of my body, lightheadedness, jelly legs, chest pain, fatigue, etc.
    I have found the following books to be very helpful and highly recommend them: Stress Management Made Simple by Jay Winner, MD, and Don’t Panic by R. Reid Wilson, PhD. Both teach breathing techniques that induce relaxation, as well as, changing the way you think and your perspective. Stress Management also comes with a meditation cd which I find very helpful.

    One of the keys to controlling symptoms is natural breathing (diaphragmatic). Breathe in slowly and fill up your belly first, then your lungs. You can put your hand on your belly to help you get used to it. By doing so, you can reduce your symptoms up to 50%. It has worked for me. Avoid hyperventilating at all costs as this is one of the major players in panic attacks. I hope this helps. Good health to all.

  30. Rachael


    I have suffered with anxiety in the past but have found ways to keep it under control, sometimes through medication other times through activity and time. However, in the past year it has gone out of control. I worry about everything. My life is out of balance, out of control, I am bouncing off the walls. I can’t sleep anymore. I wake up at 6 in the morning in a panic about my life. I can’t make decisions even about the smallest things. I second guess myself and have lost my self-esteem. I am drinking to the point of not remembering, I am doing a million activities, and I am trying to hold it together at work. I am going in a million directions at once.

    My romantic relationships have suffered. I have lost a dance partner due to the increasing amount of anxiety in our practice sessions.

    Last night I burned popcorn, spilled some crumbs on the floor and counter and I completely lost it. To the point where I scratch myself out of frustration. I become obessive about my behavior and go around and around with it in my head until I can’t think any more.

    I am going crazy and I am trying to hide it but last night it came out and I just fell apart. I feel so alone and don’t know how to go back to when I was me again, when I was happy.

    I am seeing a therapist and contemplating going on medication.

    I have lost everything. I no longer dance with my dance partner because I would become so anxious in practice that I no longer knew my steps.

  31. Jana French

    Hi, my name is Jana and I completely understand these things now, even though I have a severe difficulty controlling them.

    My attacks started out very slowly, with small chest pains and this year out of the blue, I drive from home to work, about a 20 minute drive if you go on the interstate and I’m fine most of the time when I’m at home or somewhere where I feel comfortable but the minute I get in my car, my chest starts tightning up, and my eyes get jelly feeling, like a very light gel coating over them and I will get so overwhelmed that my tongue actually goes numb because it’s like I’m going to pass out and that’s when the tongue goes numb and I’ll shake my head or try to focus on something else and skake it off after a couple of seconds.

    I feel like small pins are sticking in my face and after the attack, my face breaks out in a sweat and my chest tightens more and I’m really tired.

    It’s very scarey and my doctor wanted to try me on Lexapro and take me off my Zoloft, which worked well for me and I’ve been on the Lexapro for a month now and it seems like the episodes are getting continuously worse.

    I called her today 8/1/2008 and told her to please put me back on my 50 mg of Zoloft so tomorrow I’m changing back and pray these do the job.

    I’m very glad and sad at the same time because I’m very glad to know that it’s not death calling on me and that other people also have this problem but then again I’m very sorry that we all live in a world that’s expects so much out of us that we all end up living on pills just to cope with the stress.

    I pray we all get to the point that we don’t need these drugs anymore but for now, I’m highly thankful for them.


    N Mississippi

  32. Aly

    I have had multiple anxiety attacks in the last few days and I am worried about some sort of problem with my brain such as a tumor. Even though the attacks have been gone for a little while, I still tremble and feel cold, though it is summer. I also still have jerky movements and stuff. In those last few days I also noticed this odd sensation in my head, it felt tickly/itchy and it makes me worry more. I still have muscle spasms and i twitch a lot and I am really worried about it being much worse than anxiety and sinus. I thought that sensation was accompanied by this nerve in my back that may be pinched. I am going to get a brain scan on Friday I think. Can anyone relate? please help.

  33. lisa

    hi im 23yrs and i lost my son last year since then ive had anxiety attacks like im going to die all the time i have tingling,sweating,wanting to get out of were ever im at ,pain in the chest and sick,stomach ache and feelings like im going to die i hate it and every time i go to the doctors like every week i feel silly but its terrible ive also been diagnosed wiv hyperprolactinaemia which i need tablets to stop my prolactin levels going up so i can try for another child life is so cruel if anyone wants to talk plz do

  34. joanne

    well years ago i had panic attacks badly and i ended up hyperventilating and also ended up on a ward for 3 weeks on medication i didnt sleep for 2 weeks so they drug induced me to sleep it took 2 months to get back to normal..

    now for the past 2 months i was going into shops and i kept getting really dizzy head i thought i was going to pass out or try and catch my breath so i left the shop and drove home then i started getting bad headaches i was given migraine tablets it seemed to go then i was getting palpatations a lot so i panicked again thinking it was my heart i had an ecg done and it came back normal..

    but now im having severe anxiety attacks i didnt sleep for 8 days until this tuesday night when i had to do something

    i contacted crisis team and a doctor came out and gave me 7.5mg of zopiclone i got 9 hrs sleep but when i woke up it started again i get a pain on the right side at the back of my head then all down my back

    its like lumps hurting and spreading down my back and my mouth moves to one side and i feel all tingling in my stomache the second night i was gave zopiclone i only slep 3 hrs and woke up having nightmares about my past a person involved in my past all the sensations came back again and im gettin affraid of not being able to sleep without the zopiclone

    so last night i had my final dose of zopiclone i only had 3 and half hrs sleep woke up again having a bad dream and evertime i tried to go bk to sleep my head wont shut down its like sub concious thoughts like im asleep for only 1 minute and i wake

    i dont sweat or get palpatations just all the tight muscles in my back but when im walking or busy i dont feel them its when i try to relax whats wrong with me i was a good sleeper before it seems my muscles wont relax please help

  35. Danielle

    Hey i am 17 years old and i started getting chest pains and shortness of breath for the past 6 months.

    All the time and its getting me down now, i get all the symptoms that you are all describing but i cant help feeling like i am going to die, i have had all the obs done, chest x-ray,ecg,full blood count, ect!

    But nothing seems to settle my Mind. I have been to doctors but they dont seem to be helping! Please someone help me get over this anxiety, If this is what it is.

  36. Rose

    Hang in there everybody. God will shortly put this under your feet and you will be able to triumph over this in victory.

    God Bless everyone and be strong until it come to an end. It will end!

  37. paulette

    hi .i am having a panic attack right now ,,this has lasted 2 weeks now,i get this electric feeling rush my body and brain,,,i,m having uncomtrolable crying .

    i lay down and fall asleep for 5 mins and wake in a rage,i yell i screem, and i want to die…i,ve been told i have panic attacks,and angzity. i,m 54 yrs old …

    it all started when i was 39….i,ve just about had enough.i.m on zanaz,,sleeping pills.heart pills and enything to passvie my attacks …

    i have no one who understands whats happening,and say i,m crazy

  38. Eden

    im eden and I’m 15 years old!!! I’m a professional dancer dancing 6 days a week for 15 or more hours a week I barely have the time to breathe. Now I’ve been diagnosed with GAD!!!!

    I have times where I feel tingling in my legs and upper body and wierd muscle spasms! they really scare me but I realized theres no cure but to believe in myself.

    Last year I was diagnosed with epilepsy! that took control of my life and my brain so whenever I have an anxiety attack I usually think it’s going to be a seizure!!! I also have severe asthma!!! For me, my life isn’t what you would call perfect! it’s the total opposite always thinking whether or not i’ll have a panic attack!!

    I’m so frustrated with people telling me the same things to cure myself! I’m only 15 I too also feels as if theres no one who really understands!

  39. Kristy

    I dont know what mine is.I can go to darts, but i cant go down town to do shopping or travel to take my children to the doctors.

    I freak out for no reason & i cry for no reason. i get breathless & feel sick in the stomach & feel like im going to faint.It makes me out to be a bad mother, & i hate it.

    Has anyone got any idea what i have or what i can do about it. i need help with what i got, before i lose my children. For im scared that cause i dont go to places with my children that teachers or other people will ring DOC’s.

  40. janet dickinson

    I am 51 years of age, and I have suffered with it through out my life, off and on, I am worst in a morning when I wake up, cry at the slightest thing, and have this knot in my stomach,

    I just want to run away from everthing,I just want to feel normal, and be able to deal with things, I think what has brought it on this time is that we have emmigrated, and I feel so lonely, frightened, and thinking we have done the wrong thing,

    It is so horrible living this way,

  41. hope

    For me it happens alot im always scared i have 2 kids to tend to and when it happens it really happens feels like i will stop breathing so i breath harder and faster i get dizzy my palms sweat the worst part for me is the breathing

    i cant stand it and i cant stand my kids seeing me like this when it hits it hits hard….

    i am on meds but id rather not be i just want it all to go away so if anyone has any true info to give me pls email me at

  42. Trinny

    I’ve had panic attacks since I was six years old. I’m sure a lot of people will think I’m kidding, but I’m not. My attacks were school related, far beyond typical school avoidance, and related to my mom’s emotional dependence on me while my dad was fighting cancer. My mom has terrible anxiety that I am now dealing with as an adult with anxiety issues of my own.

    When I was a child, I would suffer panic on school mornings so severe that I could work myself into vomiting and diarrhea and hysterical blindness. My attendence was terrible, to the degree the school started to think I was being abused. When you miss school, going back is so hard. You’re constantly catching up and feel alienated from other students.

    My mother, who had terrible anxiety of her own, could be manipulated into letting me stay home…by playing her anxiety. “Mom, if you make me go to school today, the school could burn down, or there might be a freak accident, or I could die in a bus crash.” It was a hideous codependence. It sounds like I was just being a terrible child, but I literally felt like I would die if I went to school. I hid from the bus when it came to get me, and spent all day hiding under my neighbor’s bushes, panicking both the school and my mother when I came up missing. When she’d try to drive me to school on days I missed, I’d leap out of the car at an intersection and run sobbing…feeling like my life depended on it. This frightened her more than dealing with the school’s increasing frustration with me.

    Very little was known about anxiety in children, and my teachers became terribly impatient with me, always having to help me through my makeup work and arranging special tests and other inconvieniences. It was pure hell. It peaked in eighth grade when it got so bad that I considered suicide. Of course I never told anyone this.

    By highschool, there was less structure and I began to relax a little. It was easier to be invisable when I needed to be, and it was easier when I found classes that I fit in with. No one would ever have believed me about my anxiety. I was an honor roll student, and held many lead roles in drama club, I forced myself not to miss anymore than the maximum number of alloted days to pass my classes. But I missed every day I could, and I was grateful for the breaks. Drama was a way for me to take a break from being myself, and I found it theraputic. I also made lots of screwed up missfit friends in drama that helped me put my issues into perspective. I became a caretaker (as I had been to my mother).

    My anxiety has followed me as an adult, and at times has made my work situation difficult. I’m overly sensative, I’m not assertive enough when I feel taken advantage of or treated unfairly, and when I get angry I’m prone to crying, which is very embarassing. Sometimes the anxiety is bad enough to cause me to miss or leave work. I’ve found that I do best in jobs that challenge my mind and don’t have too much repitition. As absurd as this seems, I work best under pressure, maybe because I’m so used to it…it makes me feel like I have an advantage/skill other people don’t.

    The turning point for me was when I started taking Paxil. It was a different life. I could relax, I could enjoy myself without total self conciousness, and it occured to me…Oh my God…THIS is what NORMAL people feel like all the time. It became REAL in my mind that I my symptoms were NOT MY FAULT. Anxiety like I experienc, is a chemical spill in your head. It is not a character flaw, it is not a personality disorder, it’s not in your imagination. I loved Paxil, but it had sexual side effects and I gained a lot of weight. I now take Bupropion, which is not for anxiety, but it helps me with my compulsive behavior and depression and gives me a little extra energy to face my anxiety on my own and use strategies to live with it.

    To all of you who suffer anxiety, I am writing this for ONE REASON…if you have children, you MUST get treatment. I love my mother to death, and I don’t blame her for her issues since she hardly chose them…but being exposed to her anxiety as a child was SO SO SO DAMAGING to me. She kept me in a constant state of heightened fear about everything because she was so afraid. Children PICK UP ON YOUR ANXIETY. It hurts them, and it screws up their development of feeling safe in the world.

    My mother is too afraid of medication to seek any treatment, and I have to keep the medications that I take a secret from her because she will stress and obsess about possible side effects and call me in tears begging me to stop taking them. She has panic attacks and sleeps at my house because of her anxiety regularly. I’ve taken her to the emergency room over a dozen times this year for anxiety related false alarms. I’m always so afraid that the one time I tell her she’s just suffering anxiety, she really WILL have something life threatening wrong with her and die. It’s a horrible place to be put in with your elderly parent. You understand how REAL it is to them. But worse, you see yourself in them, and it makes you angry and hurt to have been handed down this legacy.

    This might sound incredibly selfish, but there are times I’ve seriously asked myself….Why can’t I be as important to my mother as her fear is? It hurts to be put second to fear. It hurts to have your childhood and self esteam and sense of safety controlled by another person’s fear.

    To teachers…please understand that your truant kids and your drop out kids might have serious problems with anxiety. Try to treat them gently and help them get counseling. This disorder is hell.

    I’m 36, and I still deal with a lot of anxiety when dealing with people, in particular my inlaws….which has been very very hard on my marriage. My meds help a lot, and I’m very very conscious of my anxiety affecting my relationship with my own daughter. I want this cycle to end. I don’t want my daughter to live in the prison of fear and dependence that I did.

    This problem has so many layers and is so difficult to understand. You really can’t understand it unless you’ve lived it.

    Don’t give up. You can feel normal again. You can repair relationships and make your career work. There IS help out there if you’re brave enough to seek it, and care enough about your family to face the social stigma and admit what you’re dealing with. There is no shame in having this problem. There is shame in harming people who love you, though. For your sake, and for theirs, please please please seek treatment. You are worth it.

  43. zayz


    my name is Zayz i have been suffering from panic attacks since my 10th grade year and have read alot about it but sometimes i really feel like if i am going to die.

    Most of my attacks are always about worry that i am going to get a heart attack or die from a stroke.

    ……has anyone experience this
    ….if you do,it would be nice to chat to someone who understands, so i could feel normal

  44. Jennifer

    I’m 35 and my first anxiety attack happened when I was just 19. I had a few at that age. I would be asleep, then wake up suddenly feeling like I couldn’t catch my breath. I’d run outside to get some cold air. It was Feb/March when this occured.

    They stopped after a few months. Lately I’ve experienced mild ones. They are scary and uncomfortable. I always feel that sense of things being “unreal”. That has always been a hard thing to describe. I lost a good friend in a car accident a few weeks ago. The next morning I got the news. I guess I was trying to hold in my feelings all day, then that night I ended up in the ER w/ extreme anxiety attacks. I really thought I was dying.

    My bp was 180/120 and my heart rate was 151 when I got there. It took much meds to calm me down. My son, age 10 was with me, as the attacks came on in the car w/ him and my husband in the car w/ me. That was the worst one ever.

    Tonight I’m awake b/c everytime I lay down to try to sleep, I get this overwhelming feeling again like I’m gonna stop breathing and my body starts feeling weird and numb. It is 2:30 in the morning and I guess I’m gonna have to stay up all night.

    This is driving me crazy!!!!

  45. Diane

    I am 51 and have had the experiences that you have suffered. I became an alcohlic trying to self medicate. I am sober now for almost two years.

    The anxiety could be caused from post traumatic stress syndrome from things that happened in your lifetime that were out of your control. Certain stresses can bring on an attack even mild stress and it becomes hard to remain calm.

    I pray alot and put it in the hands of God and know my guardian angel is protecting me and that helps tremendously. I am also on anti-depressants (Effexor) which helps a great deal.

    I also was taking 5mg valuim when I felt I couldn’t control what was happening. It calmed my fears and I felt more in control. It helps a great deal when you feel you are in control of the situation.

    I hope this helps. See your doctor or physciatrist to see if your suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and how they can treat it.

  46. Sasha

    It seems like I get anxiety at the same time of year-for the past few years. I wake up with muscle aches and I cant lay still, I wake up shaky, and stomach pain.

    There have been times where I have had to pace the floors because I couldnt sleep or sit in one spot, and I would be so exhausted. I dont think I need something to take all year around/daily.

    Not a big fan of zanax, what else is there for me? I am starting to have my “yearly” episode now….

  47. Sorry for the huge review, but i am genuinely loving the brand-new Zune, and wish this, too as being the great evaluations some other individuals have written, can help you decide if it is the best variety for you.

  48. Michael

    im 29 and i think i have panic attacks. i feel sick, burn up, my arms go numb and i dont like to be around anyone. i get one every time i leave the house for 5 years now. sometimes they dont last long but other times it lasts for about 2 hours. any advice for me? thanks

  49. Suzi

    my anxiety is horrible. I have GAD but mine seems to manifest itself in symptoms for no logical reason. I get a full whack of effects when im reading an email at work, watching TV at home, making a cup of tea.

    It start with a very strong ‘crippling’ rush of adrenaline which makes me double over. This leads to headaches, excessive sweating, pins and needles in my arms and legs, pain in my chest, arms but legs especially.

    As i have depression too i am on Paroxetine which helps both. The physical symptoms seem to be more under control now but the adrenaline rush is still the same.

    Has anyone else experienced anxiety like this?

  50. shea

    I have read everyone’s emails, I have suffered from anxiety attacks since 1985, it is now 2011..long time.

    Anxiety attacks can change with symptoms through out each attack, in the beginning i use to just have the shortness of breath with the fast heartbeat, and my blood pressure would spike during one, i was 19 yrs old and weighed 110lb so it was not like i was over weight to be having high blood pressure, sometimes during an attack my heart would reach 190 in beats.

    Dr’s put me on a beta blocker and buspar, this helped me for years, I would still have the attacks, but not as often and to the extreme fear. I seen every kind of dr known to man and had every test done, and all were normal, so they concluded anxiet.

    Then when i tured 25 i start having bad panic attacks, i lost balance, i would get dizzy, i would get tight all over, my neck would ache, i would shake, have tremors, i have have such extreme weakness in my legs that i couldnt stand bc of the shakiness, i thought i was having low blood sugar, sweat all over, from my underarms, my head, even under my breast, i probably have had every symptom of an anxiety attack since i started having them, my GI has been messed up, stomach and bowel irregular, loss feeling in my face, tingling in my face , lips, hands, tongue…throat feel like i had something stuck in it, i feel like i was going to pass out, i would just freak out, take off all m clothes and put my face in front of a fan bc i felt like i couldnt breath, the dr then precribed me Kolonopin 1mg, this med saved my life, i still cant be without it.

    They say never get on it bc if you dont take it, and try to ween of, they say its as bad a herione on the withdraw symptoms, well i dont plan on getting off. I only take it when i feel like a panic attack is coming on, or if i know im going to the dr, a social event, actually any place i know i may fear to go and have one, i take it an hour before i go, and i make it through everything just fine, feel a little too relaxed, but its better than a panic attack.

    The one thing i know is i havent died from them, and ive had them for over 20 years, i know after awhile they probably take a toll on your body, how could they not..but dying while having one my doctor who is a psych for the past 35 yrs hasnt known of any, you feel like your going to die i feel everyone’s pain and when people ask have you experienced this, the answer is i have experienced it all and probably none you have heard of..

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